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Going on vacation on Thursday!

Hey y’all, I’m super hyped to go on vacation on thursday, please keep your fingers crossed for me for good weather and low corona numbers!

Strongly simplified route here:

How are your end-of-year-plans looking?


Wishes you have a great time and stay safe! :beach_umbrella:

Wish you a nice trip, how long ?

Hey Patrick, you’re driving through my home area on the way back. The route looks quite good at first glance.

My plan this year is to spend one week in Sardinia at the end of September!

Planning 16 days at the moment, all depends how long we want to stay at the stops and how much we like it

Uhhh nice, yeah on the way back in Germany I basically let Kurviger do whatever it wants, except for making sure there are no unnecessary border crossings just in case Corona rules become stricter again

Oh man I totally overlooked that sentence, holy crap that’s amazing! You’re gonna take the ferry, or rent a bike there? The ferries are sooooo expensive for what you get it’s so sad

Neither ferry nor rental motorcycle. Near me there is a tour operator who drives the motorcycles with Transpoter and trailer there and we fly by plane.
Have fun at your tour!