Global route setting van section settings

Hi there.

I have a question about the way global route settings work when defining multiple sections.
What is the preferred way of working.

I am planning a round trip starting from home.
The first 250km i would like to take the highway.
After that the ‘real route’ starts.

In the Global settings I now select fastest ‘Highway’ in the curvyness setting and in avoidance only select ferry.
After placing a stop in the route i can change the setting for the section but the global setting seems to overrule the section setting.

What am I doing wrong here?

For me it sounds fine. If possible please share your route (kurviger-link …).

Proposal: Start the round trip planning where your ‘real’ route starts, choose direction and distance with the curvy route planning option. Save it. When you start at home the navigation you may choose ‘set start as waypoint’ and modify the route option between your home to the first waypoint of your ‘real’ route to fastest.

Thanks for that.
For navigation I dont need the first section at all.
But during planning it is good t know what the total distance is.
Also I sometimes have sections ‘In between’ to connect scenic sections. Those need to be ‘Fastest’ route as well.

Hi Toffel,

I think I explained it the wrong way around.
I was experimenting a bit.

I have Avoidance of Motorways and Main Roads in the global settings.
That gives me the best result in the 'Scenic sections.
Now I want to change the individual section to ‘Fastest’
It those sections do not take the Highway, though that clearly is the fastest.

I created a little test route to show what I mean.

If I change the Global settings both the High way sections and the ‘Scenic’ sections change.
In the screenshot the Overlay line is the route when High Ways and Main Roads are avoided and Curvature is set to High Way.

I think the avoidance is the issue.

You can define the curvature per section, but the avoidance is a global setting for the route.

Kurviger tries to find the fastest route avoiding highways. The avoidance is set to 5 = maximum. So highways are avoided, if there are alternatives.

You can either play with the strength of the avoidance or better switch off avoidance and trust Kurviger :blush: Some additional shaping points - if necessary - should do the job.

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Thats what I figured.
But as you see the route in the Scenic/Curvy sections clearly change as well when changing the avoidance. Would be nice if the Avoidance could be set for the sections as well.

Any, good to understand how it works.

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I agree. :blush:

Thanks for bringing this up and also see my previous reply to this topic: Feature request: Route segment settings - #2 by boldtrn

The biggest issue here is to create a UI that works well for this.

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