Geschwindigkeitswarnung an Ampel

[DE] Hallo,
bin in den letzten Tagen etwas mehr als 1000km durch Deutschland gefahren. Dabei habe ich an Ampeln sehr regelmäßig Warnungen zum Tempolimit bekommen obwohl ich stand. Bug oder Feature?

[EN] Hello,
I drove a little more than 1000km through Germany in the last few days. I got very regular warnings about the speed limit at traffic lights even though I was standing. Bug or feature?

Navigation speed is provided by the GPS sensor.
What speed did the app display?

Speed limits are provided by the Kurviger calculated routes with OpenStreetMap data.

What speed limits are there at these locations in OpenStreetMap?
Can you write the locations so that community can check the OpenStreetMap data?


I got the warning while I was standing at traffic lights. The speed I was reminded of was correct. Only I was not moving.

Navigation speed is provided by the GPS sensor.

The app does not know what users do in reality,
it can only know what the phone sensors report.

If GPS reports a speed larger than the max speed in that route segment,
then a speed limit alert is triggered.

Unortunately I cannot tell as I’m only using Kurviger with audio instructions when driving.

What could be done is to enable the speed limit alerts,
only when the GPS speed exceeds a certain threshold.

e.g. 10 km/h ?

As speed limit alerts are not useful at such low speeds.

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This is why I’m reporting this. Kurviger is telling me, I’m faster than 50 km/h while standing.

The speed limit on that road is 50 km/h and the app has a speed limit alert?
Where did you set the speed limit tolerance?

So your GPS sensor reports such large speed (> 50 km/h) when standing?
Then the app can not do much…

Next time it would be useful to check the GPS speed on navigation screen panel.

What option do you have selected in “Settings | Location | Location service”?

Can you change it and see it it improves the situation in your device?

What other users see with the displayed GPS speed in navigation?
Is the reported GPS speed close to the actual speed of the vehicle?

And what do they have in “Settings | Location | Location service”?

  • Indicated speed is very accurate. (just tested: fast walking: 5-6km/h standing: 0km/h)
  • Location service = Android
  • device = Samsung S7 Android 8
  • Kalman filter is on
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Speed is pretty accurate while driving.