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Today it happened again.

Kurviger told me to drive a street which is blocked (temporary for 1 week).

Is this a “live traffic” related problem or a blocked road problem?

As I can see on “ADAC” they have the blocked road listed (see appendix), so would it be possible to import the blocked roads from ADAC into kurviger to avoid such problems?

For routing reports…

Please create a new topic in Routing category including the route link,
so that everyone can easily check the route’s OpenStreetMap data.


Thanks for moving it to the right place I guess.

What now? I’ve already reported this blocked road on Openstreetmaps - should be tagged there.

Kurviger still says this road is access able

The route calculation of Kurviger is based on OSM data. These currently say that Germeringer Straße is accessible (how you reported the blocked road to OSM I don’t know - nothing has been changed yet).
The ADAC and many other websites may show closures - but kurviger can’t search the internet for such records. It would be nice if the ADAC would also incorporate its knowledge into OSM.


Unfortunately I think I’ve made a mistake when adding those closed road to OSM.

I’m not familiar with this - it would be a lot easier if Kurviger would provide such a feature.

I’ve seen the blocked road last week also. Please be aware that the complete road is only planned to be closed until end of august - therefore I think it’s not useful to modify in OSM - only if you would to mark it again in unclosed then.
For very short closures it’s not recommended to mark it in OSM.


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Hmmm - ich sehe weder eine Änderung an der Germeringer Str. in den letzten Wochen, noch kann ich eine Fehlermeldung finden:

Bist Du sicher, daß Du etwas in OSM geändert/gemeldet hast?

Just a minor correction: short closures should be marked in OSM as well, but with conditional access. Using conditional access rules you can mark a road to be closed for just a few days and it doesn’t interfere with apps / services that don’t support these tags.

I think the ADAC is using road incident data from Here. So this is copyrighted data that we can’t use. I am regularly checking to find closures and add them to OSM - but there are just too many roads and too many constructions sites :wink: - so if you find closure, it would be great to enter it in OSM - if you ware wondering how to do this, I am happy to give you a bit of help?

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Would be nice if you could explain to me, how to add a closed road to OSM - I’ve made a mistake last time and my changes weren’t published.

Maybe a How To would be interesting for more people.


I think something like this would be right

“access:conditional = no @ (2021 Aug 16- 2021 Sep 03)”

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This looks absolutely correct.

You would then need to add this information to OpenStreetMap, the easiest option would be to use the iD editor. Here is a video tutorial: How to edit OpenStreetMap. A quick guide / tutorial. - YouTube

You would then need to go to the road on the map, click edit and click on the road, then add the tag.

Does this work?

Thanks for the video. The Tag is added.
Unfortunately OSM still routes me over this road.

Couldn’t we get a feature for Kurviger (if it is possible) to report such blocked roads from the Kurviger Website and the app.

The update for the Kurviger routing server takes about 2 days.

I am not sure how often the routing data for the different routing services at OSM is updated, but it’s probably daily or weekly.

Reporting could be possible, but then someone still needs to enter the data correctly to OSM - so I am not sure if there is a lot of added benefit.

A simple reporting feature is available on OSM as well: Notes - OpenStreetMap Wiki - so it probably makes more sense to use that reporting feature :slight_smile:.

I can’t see new entries on any segment of “Germeringer Straße”
@Ravira43 have you uploaded your changes to OSM?

Way: ‪Germeringer Straße‬ (‪30600766‬) | OpenStreetMap
Way: ‪Germeringer Straße‬ (‪413092836‬) | OpenStreetMap

I can’t, too!
I set up a small overpass turbo search:
It seems that no ways with name=“Germeringer Straße” have been modified after February 2021 (if you change the timestamp to former time, e.g. January, you get some hits - if you change it to 1990 you get the whole street)

My fault, I’ve added the Tag “temporary access:conditional = no @ (2021 Aug 16- 2021 Sep 03)” which was denied because it’s only “access:conditional = no @ (2021 Aug 16- 2021 Sep 03)” .

I’ve added it again and waiting for approval.

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You usually don’t need to wait for approval, I think this is only an option that you select optionally.

I really don’t know whats the problem.
When I go in the “edit mode” and select the road, I can see the Tag that I’ve added. But when I start calculating a route from Point A to Point B it still says that I should drive on the closed road.

I’m near to giving up.

You need to upload your changes to OSM

I’ve done exactly the steps in your screenshots.

I’ve noticed that the blocked road will be avoided if I select Graphhopper in the drop down menu (See screenshot).

But if I’m selecting OSRM - it’s still navigating over the closed road.


Someone in the OSM [Forum] (Marked route as closed, but's still available - OSM Help) told me that OSRM does not support the “access:conditional”, Graphhopper does - so is there a possibility to change from OSRM to Graphhopper in the Kurviger app?