General feedback on the web application

I’ve been trying to use the web app to plan a 4 day trip around Scotland for a couple of days now, and I’ve found that the application has potential, but is REALLY frustrating to use.

  • Managing saved routes is confusing. I don’t seem to be able to pick a saved route in a folder and just display it, all the other routes are visible. I just want to see the one route and maybe edit it

  • Saving routes is very easy to overwrite other routes and then you loose a load of work. The options are not clear, what does “Overwrite” do exactly, this should be obvious but caused me to overwrite routes with older routes

  • Load route seems to do nothing other than put red dashes on the route already present.

  • Extend route just seems to create a crazy route with no logic, it seemed to add parts to the start and end with no reason. There is also no way to undo this.

  • Why does the map have the remains of routes of red dashes, I don’t seem to be able to click on these and do anything with them?

  • The motorway route I would hope is the quickest way between points, but often it isn’t and choses B-roads instead of faster roads

The system is a nice idea, but really seems to be too difficult to use. Calimoto is even worse though.

Hi Matthew,

I do not want to be impolite, but I recommend strongly to read the manual prior complaining, most of your issues are there explained → Getting Started with the Kurviger Website [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Yes, I’ve been through that several times. Let me give an example. I have four routes saved in a folder.

  • Go to cloud, select the folder, I can select each of the 4 routes and they are shown
  • I wish to edit one of the routes, so I select it, select load route, select plan, and the previous route I was working on is shown, not the just loaded one

If you press load, you should already see route that you have loaded on the map.

Overwritting is always overwriting the route that you have currently opened in the cloud. So it works like folders and file on your computer. If you open a file (route) that is loaded, when you save, this file is overwritten.

What do you mean by that? Maybe you can provide a screenshot or more info about this?

These are called overlays, you can select to load them or not when you import a GPX file.

For discussing routing, it would be good if you can provide a short link to the route, so we can actually discuss about the same thing. In general, the fastest route should be mostly motorways.