G'day mates!


I’m Stefan, hailing from Landau, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. I’m also active in the “GS Forum”.

I started using Kurviger shortly after picking up motorcycling almost three years ago. At first it was Kurviger vs “that other huge competitor” for me, but I found out rather quickly that I like Kurviger’s guiding way better, although aforementioned competitor still is - at least for me - ahead in finding curvy routes. So I’m using one to set up round trips, then the other to do the fine tuning and the actual guiding while en route. Happily paying for both and getting the best of both worlds.

I’m very much looking forward to the Kurviger 3.0 app. I know it’s in beta and can already be used, but for me it’s not quite there yet. With Germany playing whack-a-mole with construction sites where you as the rider are the mole trying to dodge construction sites as new ones pop up every week without old ones ever being finished (there seems to be only one migrant worker with a shovel and a pick axe for the whole of Germany, traveling to a different construction site every day), I need an easy way to go around construction sites as I come across them. Kurviger 2 beta has this feature, but in Kurviger 3 it’s either not there yet or I couldn’t find it.

I’d love to make one particular suggestion (no, it’s not about what I mentioned above) which I would very much like to post in the suggestions forum, but alas, I’m not allowed to post there yet. The tooltip popping up when hovering the mouse cursor over the “new topic” button while in the suggestions section only tells me I’m not allowed to post, but doesn’t tell me why. Presumably because of my reputation, which is rather poor since I started out here only today. Would be nice to know for a fact though :wink:

Anyway, safe travels to you all. See you around :wink:


Hi Stefan

an warm welcome to our forum

Certainly you can also post a comment in our discuss-thread, also as a newbie. Please choose the following:

→ discussion → app
→ discussion → web

If you want to refer something to the new app… so please use this one here:

If you need any more help, feel free to contact me by pm.



Hi Stefan, nur Moderatoren können einen Beitrag in “New features” verschieben. Siehe


Welcome to the forum Stefan :tada: