Gastronomie Symbol

ich würde es gut finden, wenn man die Gastronomiesymbole so wie zb. die Touristenattraktionen schon bei einer geringeren Zoomstufe der Karte sehen könnte.
Gruß Oliver

Gastronomy layer contains far too much content versus the tourist attractions layer.

Cannot show it in smaller zooms, as need also to think map performance / visibility.

e.g. zoom 14:


your picture shows somewhere in Berlin, but if you show Gastronomy for an overland tour there is not much to be seen and the zoom level which shows gastronomy does not help for searching for example for restaurants.
Searching for fuel it works pretty well in the app on a long tour, for food it does not work at all.

Would be very nce to be able to choose the zoom level for showing gastronomy and hotels etc.
(or have the same level as fuel stations)

Thanks for your near perfect work!

Search is online on the server and is not related to the app and offline maps.

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Map level: Display of gastronomy

Although I have selected the map layer “Gastronomy” in the offline map, these are not displayed in the map (e.g. D-A-C-H). The display of gas stations works fine. What am I doing wrong?

This layer contains a lot of data, you need to zoom in to see it.

Es kommt gelegentlich vor, dass ich während einer Tour ein Restaurant oder Café finden möchte. In kurviger werden die Symbole für Gastronomie jedoch erst ab Zoomstufe 16 angezeigt. Das ist mir oft zu hoch. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die Symbole bereits ab einer geringeren Zoomstufe erscheinen zu lassen?

It occasionally happens that I want to find a restaurant or café during a tour. In kurviger, however, the icons for gastronomy are only displayed from zoom level 16. This is often too high for me. Is there a way to make the icons appear from a lower zoom level?

Can use external map styles and modify their zoom levels.

Maps display layers with much content on large zoom levels for better map visibility / performance.
e.g. displays the restaurants at zoom level 17-18

Or the map would appear like this unreadable state:

Discussed also here: