Fun Information and Questions

I haven’t given up completely on Kurviger so I thought I would ask a few more questions.

When Kurviger is in Navi or Follow mode does it provide fun information like altimeter (Navi yes, follow?), speed limit (Navi yes, follow?), Street name (?) sundown (No?) and number of GPS satellite connections (No?)? I took a guess on some of the answers.

Is there a prioritized list somewhere showing what is being worked on for the next future releases?

Where can I find the nice to have list?

You wouldn’t have had to guess some of the answers if you had tried it yourself. :wink:

Please also bear in mind that Kurviger is an app for riding great tours with a focus on motorcycles.

Kurviger does not claim to replace a Garmin, which provides you with a lot of technical information such as the position of the sun, GPS satellites, GPS position etc. etc.

There is no public list.

7 days is a rather short trial period, it isn’t like I have a lot of free time for testing so come the questions.

In worst case you have to take the severe risk to waste 7€/14€ for a one/two months subscription :wink:
My recommendation: Directly risk even 30€ for a one year subscription :slight_smile: .


Maybe you should think about your priorities. Life less riding a motorbike is possible but senseless, so within the trail period you are doing at least 7 days something meaningful :wink: