Fullscreen: incorrect screen size

When I turn off navigation/following, when the screen goes from full screen mode (that’s my setting), part of the on-screen buttons hide “under the edge”. This is not a big problem, but it looks ugly :wink:

Kurviger Pro 1.13.10
Android 9 (API 28)
samsung SM-T395
1280 x 800 (274 dpi)

Thanks for the report, unfortunately it’s impossible to reproduce it…

Android fullscreen API is not well made. Though app’s implementation is according to the standards.

If OEMs stop making changes on Android, our world as developers and users would be a better one.

(carefully checking the screenshot)

That device does not seem to resize back correctly the screen when disable the fullscreen mode.
(map scale is partially hidden too)

If restart the app, the screen should work correctly again.

Or set fullscreen in “Always” mode.

I did exactly that. There is really nothing to worry about. The main thing is that during navigation is OK :ok_hand:

As a user of several Android devices from various manufacturers, I fully agree! Although one of my tablets - very Chinese and very cheap - has a pure Android and… is hopeless! But that’s another story :smiley:

Everyone applies modifications, even the Pixel / Nexus add battery optimization…