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Fullscreen button for website in mobile browsers

Due to features of the website not available in the app sometimes it is necessary to use the website on mobile devices (tablet, phone).
To increase the useable space a full screen button would help (hiding tab bar and location bar of browser and also information bar of android).
Example: Fullscreen button on top left of my converter: https://gpxshaping.de/GPX/GpxShaping.html
A full screen botten might be useful also on PC etc, but there already you can use keyboard for full screen.

You can use the fullscreen button that is available for years on the Kurviger website, it is also in the top left corner :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2020-12-03 14-23-42

BTW: I know that many people miss that button, so maybe we need a different symbol…? The current symbol is the same symbol that is used for example on Youtube for full screen videos or many other video players.

No - that button only hides the left Kurviger panel. Example in FF:

I would like a button wich behaves like key F11 in Windows Chrome and Firefox.
Please try button in my link: Tab bar and location bar of browser and also information bar of android disappear, space is used for display of HTML.

Additional remark: It should be a separate button, because the idea is to use also the left panel (special exports), but having a larger mobile screen including tab bar (chrome), location bar and also information bar of android.

Ah sorry, I misunderstood you initial question. A full full-screen mode is currently not possible. We had this in the past and there were a few issues, so I would like to avoid this.

It is really weird that mobile browsers don’t allow a user to go into full screen like using F11.

Maybe it could be added as an option somewhere in not yet existing advanced option area, so the fullscreen button could trigger real full screen. If there are a few people who would need it, I think that could be an option. If you need it, please leave a few lines here, so I can keep track on how many people would need it :slight_smile:.

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Okay - chrome doesn’t support full screen, looks like this:

But the opera browser does it:

Even better you can install (just for kurviger.de?!) an exotic Desktop+FullScreen Browser:

The top solution has the Fully Kiosk Browser:

But the latter requires a one time charge of 8 € for the PLUS - necessary for Geolocation Access …

Despite I don’t really need the full screen support, I already use opera for kurviger.de and will switch to full screen if useful.

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Thanks - using opera saves 80% of the “wasted space” :+1:
I like to use wide spread browsers (-> high test depth by many users) - I think Opera might be a good solution, I will try!

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