Fuel stops

When riding longer distances and remote areas, knowing how much fuel range you have is important.

  1. So if the waypoints can be changed in colour to indicate a fuel stop. , this would be a great feature to plan where to stop.
    to get fancy, if there was a field to entre the fuel range ??? so when planning a route, and it exceeds the range of the bike, a warning comes up ???

  2. In Turn Instructions - needs the distance between waypoints number in Kms, please.
    The waypoints distances are clearly listed great, but when one is going between Mendosa and Ushuaia, the distance is a cumulated total between waypoints, it would be very helpfull to have the distance from the last waypoint as a separate number so one can plan fuel stops better, plus the running total distance.

Have tried clicking on a waypoint on the map? This opens a popup with a lot of information about the waypoint including distances, etc.

Is this enough or do you need something more?

Something like this might be doable after the waypoint name feature: App / Website: Waypoint names

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