From the current location to the start of the route

Hi, this is about Routing from location; where can I find the checkbox recalculate route from current position? This is unclear to me; so I imported a route in Kurviger online, created a QR code to export to m y Android phone, but now I want to start the route to the nearest point of the route…how to do that? thanks for the help here.

Just have a look at this documentation… You will definitely find what you are looking for here.[]=navigation&s[]=am&s[]=standort&s[]=starten

When navigation is started, you are asked where it should start. At the location or at the start of the route.

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Supposed you have switched off automatic recalculation.
After starting navigation, do a manual recalculation!

Then you should get the question where to start the route.


Perfect!! Thanks for sharing this, this is helpfull, have a great day! Now off for a nice ride on a sunny day :relaxed:

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Thank you!