From Kurviger to TomTom Rider 550

If you use an Apple Computer, decided to use TomTom Rider 550 and therefore plan your routes with e.g., then you are at the right place.

As said above, this is my situation and I was frustrated, not much, but by all means too much, and here are some difficulties which I was confronted with (it’s my own honest opinion)
I will add more topics, as soon as I’m too often frustrated about a new specific issue.

If I’m wrong with my analysis or option, please feel free to correct or publish counter explanation.
Many explanation in my summary, are based upon excellent Youtube channels like e.g. Rhönschrat or and many more (list not final)

  1. Use Mydrive or as the programming tool to create routes.
    Mydrive from TomTom does not transfer, in a simple way routes (not tracks), from mydrive running on a Apple computer to the Rider 550.
    In fact, you receive a track from Mydrive into your Rider 550 and therefore, many functions on the Rider 550 are not able to be used.
    If you decide to change the programmed on the way, Rider 550 does not recalculate the route again.
    If you use the export functionality (use the ITN extension on the data file), you can export and download the data file on your harddisc for further use within TomTom Rider 550. The way how you do this, see e.g. YT video Pässe knacken mit dem TomTom Rider | | TomTom Rider 550 | #228 - YouTube

  2. How can you transfer data from Mac to TomTom Rider 550
    The android file transfer software is available via the German newspaper
    Please search and download the software for Mac, programmed and copyright 2017 Google Inc. Version 1.0.12 (1.0.507.1136)

If I’m not allowed to publish this on the Forum, please Admin delete my post.

Thanks and regards, Rolf

It’s no problem at all :slight_smile:. If you think something is missing from our documentation, please let us know.

Hi Rolf,
there is an other Forum you can expect better info about TomTom devices:

Thank you for your advice.
However, if you deal with the following, which Forum would you recommend to place it ?

Momentan bin ich am testen, wie sich der Zusammenhang der Routen Einstellungen verhält.
Kurviger Einstellungen «schnellste, schnelle kurvige, kurvig, extra kurvig»
TT Einstellungen «schnellste, kürzeste, umweltfreundliche, kurvenreiche»

We deal with the situation of two products interfacing inadequately.
This is in the Software industry an ongoing issue.
Result would be, one provider for both (that’s the ideal world) but in reality, some product owners do not put enough energy and manpower into this subject and ignore on a daily basis the Clients wish.

Lass uns gerne mal in Deutsch weiter schreiben.
Ich bin bin nicht mit TomTom unterwegs, aber einer Moderatoren im TomTom Forum ist auch kurviger Fan. Ich kenne nur die beiden Optionen Track (ohne Navi Berechnung) oder ITN mit den Nachteilen, dauernd Wegpunkte überspringen… Bzw wenn zu wenig Punkte kommt eine abweichende Route raus. Bei Garmin kenne ich mich besser aus. Und am einfachsten ist das Handy zu nutzen. Ich denke die Tom Tom Kollegen sind da bestimmt mit guten Tipps behilflich.

Vielleicht habe ich dich ja falsch verstanden.
Im Kurviger Forum gibt es eine TomTom Gruppe ?
Oder meinst du das Forum bei TomTom ?

Ich meinte das TomTom Forum, da die TomTom Kollegen sich besser auskennen wie man am besten seine Kurviger Touren nach TomTom übetragen kann. Soweit ich weis, können die neuen TomTom Geräte auch die ITN Touren direkt via Bluetooth in empfang nehmen.