Free positioning for navigation panels

Would very much appreciate a new setting to position the information bars for street name, distance, speed and route duration to another display area, for example
street names to the bottom in the middle (or left or right) and other bars bottom left, bottom right.

Maybe such an option exists and I don’t find it.

Apparently mean the navigation panels.

We’ll see what can be done, could be another layout.


if these are the navigation panels, we mean the same…

We’ll see what can be done, could be another layout.

great, thanks

Since the location arrow starts a few centimeters (2-3 cm) from the bottom, there is enough space to move all navigation panels to the bottom. Or is there a way to position the location arrow right at the bottom in order to not waste this display area from location arrow till the bottom?

In the actual area on the top of the screen they are only disturbing (to my point of view).

At the bottom there are several elements like buttons, scale bar, etc. So it’s not so straightforward to shuffle the UI, need careful planning.

Ich persönlich habe die Positionspfeile lieber oben im Bilschirm und finde es gut so wie es ist.
Gruß Oliver

ok understand, but I use the option to hide buttons while riding anyway, so nothing that could disturb and when pressing on the display the buttons can temporariy be shown in front of other bars. The buttons have always the same position, so this area could also be reserved in the mode where buttons are shown permanently.

es geht nicht darum, etwas von oben nach unten zu verschieben, sondern dies OPTIONAL in den Settings zu ermöglichen, also um mehr Flexibilität. Per default braucht das keinen Einfluss zu haben…

because the positioning of the navigation bars is asked as OPTIONAL and the default position can be on the top, there is no influence on the actual views. I am just asking for more flexibility.

… and flexibility is the big advantage of this software…

I assume that your intention is to be able to “look further forward” on the map view. But if the panels were positioned on the bottom of the display, I would see less of the areas directly beside me.

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no, if you wouldn’t select this OPTIONAL setting, nnothinng changes for you… again: I am asking for an OPTIONAL settting…
on my Galaxy S8+ the arrrow is 3-4 cm away from the bottom while riding.

If the free positioning of navigation bars is more difficult to develop, could you then please consider to offer a similar setting like “hide display buttons” for hiding navigation bars? I mean keep the context menu for routing options (re-calculation, Voice, Autozoom and skip waypoint) when pressing on top left and keep the audio feedback for waypoint when pressing on top middle and right, but hide all navigation bars so that just the map is visible and when pressing on the map, then display the navigation bars for some seconds, exact behaviour like for navigation buttons

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Interesting idea, hide navigation panels + buttons together.
We can consider it, what do other users think about that?

Also ich möchte immer die Navigationsfelder sehen. Wäre recht umständlich wärend dem Fahren immer auf das Display zu tippen wenn man etwas sehen will. Zudem es mit Handschuhe auch nicht immer funktioniert.
Ich kann mich viel besser orientieren, wenn ich die Pfeile, Straßennamen usw. immer sehen.

I also prefer to have the panels always visible. But if it would be configurable - why not?

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exactly :fist_left::+1: which other navigation app can offer such features which everyone can adapt to his/her own wishes?

… as additonal option so that other users can use it as it is (hiding navigation buttons only)… but also keep the context menu for routing options and the audio feedback for waypoint as mentioned, also when all buttons and bars are hidden, since these are indispensable functions … I would be excited and jump to cloud nine :star_struck:

Prefer to not complicate any implementation, as it will make maintenance difficult.

Still cannot understand the use of it. If hide everything and can only navigate through voice, then can turn off screen too.

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this is just a proposal if the positioning of the navigation bars at the bottom is more complicated to develop…
Of course I want to see the map and the route (navigation line - however you call it) in follow mode and when finger tip on the screen, then show everything for some seconds, exact like the function for “hide buttons” which exists already… and also hope that the context menu for routing options like re-calculation, Voice, Autozoom and skip waypoint when pressing on top left and keep the audio feedback for waypoint when pressing on top middle and right is not connected to the navigation bars, but to the display area in pixels or whatever.
Don’t know how else I should explain it…

The navigation bars on the top disturb me in seeing the route line for the way to go… and this because the gpx position (arrow) starts not close to the bottom, but at least 3-4 cm above and this is to my opinion wasted display space.

Therefore I requested a free positioning of the navigation bars, but if this is too complicated for development, then this would be the alternative.

That was my first thought too, that I would probably not use this feature.

But at a second thought:
In most situations I am only looking at the “blue line” on the map, rather than the navigation arrows.
So, it is indeed an interesting idea.