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Forum software

Hello everyone,
that this forum is hardly used is simply because of the horrible forum software.
Thousands of forums all over the world use standard software. Everybody can find his way around there.
This one has no recognizable structure, this one is rocketscience and not usable for normal users.
since the last entries are always prominently displayed, similar questions come up again and again, it is difficult to recognize that there is a logical structure and sorting, or should be…
A nightmare.
also the mix of german / english scares off many (german) people. The language competence of the Germans in English is very modest, similar with some French people, all others can usually speak super English. Therefore many are also very reserved. Therefore a forum software would be preferable which everyone can use easily.
End of Statement :wink:
P.b. i Love the Kurviger ! Software and the People behind.


Komisch, ich finde gerade die “schlanke” Struktur des Forums vorteilhaft. Die Zitat-Funktion und das direkte Einbinden von Files und Weblinks ist perfekt. Die bells and whistles anderer Foren sind m. E. nicht erforderlich.
Auch die Struktur ist vernünftig - wenn etwas falsch eingeordnet wurde, wird’s sehr schnell richtig gestellt.
Das Sprachproblem wurde schon mehrfach angesprochen - ich halte die jetzige Vorgehensweise für durchaus pragmatisch.
Ich nutze kurviger nicht des Forums wegen, schaue mir grundsätzlich “Latest” an und fühle mich ausreichend informiert. Im übrigen kenne ich kein Forum in welchem ich so schnell professionelle Antworten erhalte und in dem direkt Einfluss auf die Weiterentwicklung des Produkts genommen werden kann. Versuch’s doch mal bei Garmin und TomTom

Strange, I find the “slim” structure of the forum advantageous. The quote function and the direct embedding of files and weblinks is perfect. The bells and whistles of other forums are not necessary in my opinion.
As well the structure is reasonable - if something is wrong, it will be corrected very quickly.
The language problem has been mentioned several times - I think the current approach is quite pragmatic.
I don’t use kurviger because of the forum and look at “Latest” in principle and feel sufficiently informed. By the way, I don’t know of any forum where I can get professional answers so fast and influence the further development of the product. Try Garmin and TomTom


…Du hast wahrscheinlich recht, ich bin ein Freund von vertrauten Umgebungen = GUI.
Ich habe in meinem Job die Erfahrung gemacht, das gerade die Oberfläche möglichst wenig angefasst werden sollte. Wehe da wird eine Schaltfläche von Links nach Rechts verschoben, dann bricht die halbe Produktion zusammen.
…nix für ungut, lass uns das hier beenden.

…You are probably right, I am a friend of familiar environments = GUI.
In my job I made the experience that especially the GUI should be touched as little as possible. If a button is moved from left to right, half of the production will break down.
…no offense, let’s end this here.


Just a note, this forum uses standard software as well. The software itself is relatively new (2013) and based on modern principles and is 100% open source. https://github.com/discourse/discourse

It is also used widely across the internet, so it’s not exotic software. But it’s also not one of these outdated PHP message boards.

Mix of German and English, yep, that was discussed frequently :slight_smile: - currently that’s the best solution we have. If you have a better idea how to handle this, please feel free to propose something here: Wieso gibt es kein rein deutsches Forum oder Support and here The language thing.