Follow Position in the Screen?

my english is bad, sorry …
ok, here my problem: I’ll start my route - ok - then no screen with follow position.
I drive, but on the screen ist frozen the map. What is my mistake?

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Please see the documentation for how to use navigation or follow location modes.

Thanks, I’d read the topics and the screen staying also freeze (sample on the left picture in the documentation) - I need the right picture scene :-), but I’dont know how … the button right down and left up haven’t a funktion to become the right picture on the docu (sorry for my english :-))
this is my dream:

dream - will not work

Which Kurviger do you use, Free or Pro?
(navigation is available in Pro version)

Which function do you try, navigation or follow location?

Pro, but I have install before Free, than install Pro, than deinstall Free …

As mentioned in Google Play description and documentation, navigation is provided by Pro.

You need to have a calculated route and user location on map and press navigation button,
which becomes blue and start moving outside, the map will follow your location from GPS.

My dream is, I see the way I must drive on screen on live - than is the Point “navigation”?

Isn’t my version “Pro”?

You have the version you have installed, check the about screen.

What device is that? Can you post the “Settings | About | Info”?

Also can you post a screenshot of your screen when you have calculated a route and your location appears on map?

Kurviger Pro 1.12.4
Android 8.1.0 (API 27)
720 x 1440 (320 dpi)
Google location off

Are you inside a building?
GPS is working only outside!

No, all day I have drive with my moped on the street …

is this a (the) problem?

No, it means if use Android or Google location provider in “Settings | Location | Location service”.

When you are outside with location marker on map and a calculated route, can press
navigation button (bottom-left) and navigation starts with map following your location.

And you can change the location marker in “Settings | Location | Location appearance”.

You may also try to change location service from Android to Google:

In German menu:
Einstellungen | Standort | Standortservice

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The dream comes (slowly) through …
“Standort” was deacivated - thanks a lot!!!
And now a little: the arrow is on the false site … but, the street must be come not from north!?!

and the arrow problem …

GPS reports proper location direction when you move outside with sufficient speed.

Also you can turn on / off map rotation if tap on compass or in “Settings | Navigation | Map rotation”.

so, i’ll this tips in next sunny day shortly into praxis!!! This is good english-lession for me and a praxis workshop with cell and curviger :slight_smile: and talk to nice guys! Thanks a lot!!!


I like the Kurviger forum as much as I like the software.
No one who asks nicely is left alone.

The app is very flexible and can be configured in many ways to meet your needs.
A good overview of the possibilities can be found here Begriffe, Erklärungen in und zu Kurviger.
The most up to date info can be found in the changelog and of course here in the forum.

Have a nice experience with Kurviger and stay healthy


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