Follow location questions

Hey folks,

I’m using the GPS logging quite often. I recognized the last two times that there is no speed shown and the altitude is not updated. Any ideas?

There is another question. I thought that the Auto Zoom is also working in following mode. Is it not like this?

Kind regards, Nico

The speed and altitude come from device’s GPS sensor.

Auto zoom works inside navigation in Kurviger Pro.

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Then it is confusing. Because during Navigation it works:

In following mode not:

Im using the pro Version. The Autozoom could also work in the following mode. That would be great.
I use the Kurviger App always. Also when i ride by my self without navigation. Just to decide where to go when i meet up a junction. May you can think about.

Kind regards, Nico

If you mean with follow location mode like reported here, it will work again in next version.

Auto zoom on follow location mode could use only speed.

Please create a separate topic to request a new feature.