First syllables cutted while voice output using bluetooth

Hello, the first are cutted while voice output using bluetooth. I had a look in the instructions.
The text in the relevant part says … ’ Gehe dazu in die Einstellungen , Navigation , Sprachausgabe und wähle Wie Anrufe ". I am using a S5 Neo and I am not able to find that topic.
Could anybody help we?

Can select in Settings | Voice guidance | Voice guidance output the Phone call audio option and change the time in Prepare phone call audio connection to a more suitable delay for your device and bluetooth.

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Thanks for helping! I thought there is a setting in the mobile phone. But it is in the setting of “kurviger”.
Regards Stefan

Einstellung>>Sprachausgabe>>Navi-Sprachausgabe>drei Möglichkeiten :slight_smile: