Firefox issues

I had some view difficulties with Mac 12.4 and Safari Version 15.5 (17613. and changed to latest Firefox 101.6

Tried to import kurviger file and I can’t click “Erweitere Route/Overlay” nor “Importiere als Overlay”.
However, I can change the pulldown menu, but I’ cant mark the entry.
The import itself does function, but the “Erweitere Route” doesn’t. (see my topic “aus 6 Etappen eine Route generieren”)

I add 2 screenshots from FF and Safari.

BTW, I can not display the POI icons on the left side of the map. Is there a short code for on/off POI icons?

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To open the POI selection widget (window) in the sidebar this window can be displayed clicking to the POI panel. See screenshot.


Or do you have problems to activate / deactivate POIs in the sidebar?

Thank you but I refer to the icons which are here located.

That was changed months ago …
Now it works this way:


Uuuups, thank you for the hint.
Looks like I have to read the change log file before I send next time a question re handling.

See also here:

Thanks for the link to the videos.

However, the initial difficulty is not answered by anybody yet.
No one out there which noticed the same import problem between Firefox and Safari on Mac ?

Do you use any browser plugins? The screenshot looks like that some plugin or setting blocked parts of our software. Adblock, Scriptblock, etc. can lead to unexpected behaviour.

No additional plugins (see below)

Do you have an Apple test environment to test my case?

I have taken my new MP Air with M1 and tested FF and Kurviger. Import works with that setup.
Therefore, I compared FF settings 1by1 and FF and Kurviger on the iMac works now (don’t know why).

You can close this topic.


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