Ferry to Norway

I would like to ride from Hamburg via Bergen to the North of Norway. Between Hirtshals (Denmark) and Bergen (Norway) I take a ferry boat, but I do not have the chance to choose a ferry. The planning shows only the motorway or other streets whatever I want, but ot the ferry. What’s my mistake?
Thank you - Klaus

Hi Klaus,

Did you press the “Avoid ferry” button?

I have just entered Hamburg to Bergen and the route goes without any problems via the ferry Hirtshals to Kristiansand.
If I want to “force” the ferry Hirtshals-Bergen (Fjordline), I set a few shaping points on the ferry route shown as a dashed line at a reclatively large magnification until the route goes from Hirtshals across the water in front of Stavanger to Bergen.
Not pretty, but it works.

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Thank you, my mistake was that the magnification was too small so I did not senn the dashed line for the ferry routes. Thank you, know it works when I set some shaping points

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Sollte “Fähre vermeiden” mal nicht angewählt sein, einfach ein Stück der entsprechende Route hier teilen. Dann kann sich Jemand die Daten bei OSM anschauen.

If “Avoid ferry” is not selected, simply share a piece of the route here. Then someone can look at the data on OSM.

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