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Ferry from Scrabster to Stromness gives an unacceptable detour

To be clear as a single route it works but as a part of a route it gives an unacceptable detour
propably the connection from road to ferry does not excist
Best regards

You mean this route?
When start on the ferry it works.

The reason is, that the the way to the ferry terminal is tagged as “private”.
If this road is open to the public, than this is a map error.
Do you have any info to that ferry?

Seems to be a public ferry
I have contacted the guy who did this entry.
Let’s see


Not yet but i have the same problem with Oban Ferry Terminal from Ferry arrival/departure to road

from ferry to ferry no problem but if you put more stages together it gives a detour the same for Oban ferry, i like this program i find it super for my planning 2024 route trip

Indeed, at Oban ferry terminal the ferries are not connected to the road :frowning:
Without local knowledge this can barly be fixed.
I added a note to OpenStreetMap.
Let’s hope, that someone will fix it some time.

@Akim_Tahrour if you add a link to your route examples it would be way easier for us to find the places.

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Okay Roger that best regards

Now the ferries at Scrabster and Oban are working. :ferry:
Everyone can edit OpenStreetMap, and sometimes people make mistakes.
But errors can be corrected quickly.
The more people contribute to OpenStreetMap, the better the map becomes.


Thx for the good work :slight_smile: