Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle Route

I have tried shaping and allowing the ferry preference, and am unable to. The ferry website does allow motorcycles. Does it need to be added to Kurviger?


Hallo Terry, willkommen im Forum. Das teilen der Route macht die Arbeit immer etwas leichter https://kurv.gr/y4YWd. Ich habe bei der Fährstrecke motor_vehicle=yes hinzugefügt.

Hi Terry, welcome to the forum. Sharing the route always makes the job a little easier https://kurv.gr/y4YWd. I have added motor_vehicle=yes to the ferry route.


Yes, of course. The ferry is between 17 and 18 to Seattle. Thank you for adding the option. I will try it.

The other route I can not seem to get is between 4 and 5 to go through Big Sur. 4 and 5 will not connenc for me and stay on Highway 1.

I think I have tried every option, curvy, most curvy, highway, dirt, moving the waypoints up and down, adding waypoints. All I want to do up the coast is stay on Highway 1. I wish there was a way to choose a road and stay on it.

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Ich habe Ihre Strecke etwas gekürzt https://kurv.gr/9nC8v, das Problem ist die Brücke. Laut OSM war Sie eingestürzt und wurde am 23.4.2021 wieder eröffnet. Geändert wurden die Daten bei OSM ca. vor 18 Stunden. Kurivger ist aktuell bei Routing: 2021-04-27T11:00:00Z, ich denke in ca. 2 Tagen sollte das Routing wieder passen.

I have shortened your route somewhat https://kurv.gr/9nC8v, the problem is the bridge. According to OSM, it collapsed and was reopened on 23.4.2021. The OSM data was changed about 18 hours ago. Kurivger is currently at Routing: 2021-04-27T11:00:00Z, I think in about 2 days the routing should fit again.


Perfect. The ferry works now as does the bridge that was out near Ben Sur. Thanks