Ferry Bastia - Nice not used

when using the website to create a route from Bastia (Korsika) ferry port to Nice (France), it calculates a route from Bastia (Korsika) to Calvi (Korsika), then to Nice instead using the direct ferries on the map.

Is that a bug inside the openstreetmaps map?

Hi thanks for letting us know, probably this is related to incorrect road data. Could you post a route link that shows the issue?

BTW: here is some more information about potential OSM issues.


Here are some examples:

Thx for your support

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Thanks for sending the examples. Yes there was an issue in the OSM data. The data has been corrected. The routing should work next weekend, if not, please let us know and we will have another look.

Thx, I try it next week.

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Sorry, still not working.

Thanks for the update. The ferry is working now, but Kurviger thinks it’s faster to take the shorter ferry and ride across the island.

If you place a waypoint on the ferry, like this it works :slight_smile:. Calculating the fastest route with a ferry is pretty complicated, so Kurviger applies many guesses.

The ferry from L’lle Rousse seems to have a shorter travel time, even when driving across Corsica to catch the ferry. Many things are not considered, like the frequency, price, availability, traffic. With ferries calculating the fastest route is a bit complicated.

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You are right!
It works the way you told.
Thx a lot

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