Ferries in Nova Scotia are not used for routing

There are at least 2 ferry connections in Canada that are not recognized by the routing planner even though they are displayed on the maps.
One is between Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island and Caribou Island, Nova Scotia. The other between Digby, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick.
How can this be updated so I can plan my route using these ferries?

Do you mean this one?
It makes it a lot easier for us if you could post a “Kurviger” link via the share button on the web site.
In OpenStreetMap there is an access tag for bicycle but none for motor_vehicle for this ferry
I don’t know if motorbikes are allowed on this ferry.

See also FAQ

Edit: is this second one?



Yes, that’s the one I meant. This is a motorcycle, car, and bus ferry as per their fares page: https://www.ferries.ca/ns-pei-ferry/fares/

I will read up how to fix OpenStreetMaps for any future problems.

Thank you!

EDIT: Yes, the second one is the one I meant as well. This is the ferry’s site: https://www.ferries.ca/nb-ns-ferry/schedule/

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I have added motor_vehicle=yes for both ferries.
This change should show up in Kurviger the next 1-2 weeks.



Awesome, thanks! In the meantime I’ve signed up for OSM and will help out with editing it. It’s simple enough!


The Digby, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick Ferry still remains uncrossable. I added the motorcycle=yes tag but no go. Something else must be wrong. Would you be so kind as to take a look.

Here it is: link

Hi Manny, thx for the link and for improving OSM, nice! :clap:
I assume you know these ferries and are sure they take motorcycles? If so, do they also take cars? Should we maybe set motor_vehicles and not only motorcycles?

It takes about 1-2 weeks unfortunately until all the caches and processes in the background are refreshed with the new info. Kurviger should adapt to your changes automatically then

Ok looking at this a bit longer, I think there’s more to do here

The “motorcar -> yes” the value you set? I don’t think this is the right one, the one that navigation algorithms look for (maybe @boldtrn can weigh in on that?). The access value (the upper marking in my screenshot) is the relevant thing we need to change. Note that “Alle -> yes” in gray doesn’t mean anything, it just means “no value set”. So we would have to explicitely set this to “yes”, so that it shows up in the properties below, like so:
You can read more about this here

Also, there is this gate in front of the terminal which also doesn’t have an access value set. I think this won’t work in 1-2 weeks, unless we do some more work here

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Kurviger is using motorcycle access values. So for a ferry this can be: motorcycle=yes, motor_vehicle=yes (includes trucks). Others like vehicle=yes would work as well, but probably make no sense for ferries.

Also have a look at the OSM wiki here.

I do know that this ferry takes both automobiles and motorcycles since I used it on a motorcycle trip back in March of this year. It saves considerable time crossing the Bay of Fundy and takes about two hours.

I’m trying to map out the trip we took and I just can not get across on the ferry. The map calculates a land trip instead. I’m not an expert in fixing this but I did add the tag for motorcycle=yes to the ferry. It already had the motorcar=yes tag. I didn’t realize that it would take so long to come across but perhaps something else is going on. I do remember that gate there and I’ll try to fix it but as I said I’m just trying to map out my trip and I’m not an expert. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you both so much for having a look.