Fehlermeldung - Error messag

Ich hätte gerne gewusst, welche Wegepunkte das sind! Leider gibt die Seite selber keinen Hinweis dazu. Wie bekomme ich das heraus? Ich vermute mal, nur durch rauszoomen und schätzen, oder?

I would like to know which waypoints that are! Unfortunately, the site itself gives no indication. How do I get this out? I guess, just zoom out and appreciate, right?

Seems related to this:

Hi Georg, yes the website told you, it’s just hard to see it. It’s the 0 and the 1 and the end of the message.

In computer programming, lists start with the first element at the zero-eth place. That means that in human speak your first (0) and second (1) point are the ones that it’s complaining about.

Have fun planning! Greets

Oh P.S.: if you still have problems with that route we’ll need a link to it so that we can reproduce it


Thanks for the hint. I tried to improve the error message at this point, should be more explanatory now :slight_smile:.