Feature: Waypoints snap to road when exporting GPX

In a route I have an waypoint a little bit away from the road (intendedly), e.g. WP1 in


If I export the route as GPX, that waypoint is snapped to road in GPX :frowning:


I am quite sure, that in former times the Waypoints in GPX were at the same place as in .kurviger file, and I think that was the better solution.

Is the change a bug, or was it intended ?

Interesting, I actually thought we would be using the waypoint and not the snapped waypoint. We haven’t changed this recently, I am pretty certain about that. It might have been different 5 years ago, I am not 100% sure anymore.

Generally speaking, it would be possible to use the input waypoint again, I am not 100% sure we should do this necessarily.

You are right: My .kurviger file is from July 2017.
I checked again: At that time Kurviger routed via the track to waypoint 4, I loaded the old file in my Converter (withoud loading corresponding GPX), please see blue line for track:

Remark: According to OSM history the track has not been changed since 12 years:

My usecase: If I want to go to a destination, to which Kurviger can not route, I want to keep the offroad waypoint, so I can navigate to it with the device with wich I import the GPX - at least with birdline navigation.

Yes, I totally understand.

As a workaround, you could use the Beeline from Kurviger like this: Kurviger

That way the waypoint is exported as expected.

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Thanks. That is a very good idea :+1:. And I agree: With that workaround it is better to snap the waypoints to road in GPX export, so that waypoints placed offroad unintendedly are corrected.

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