Feature Request: Out of the City + facing direction

I’m facing a difficult problem with the Kurviger App.

I’m living near the centre of munich, so if I want to make a ride out of the city, it takes me nearly 20 - 30min. to leave the city. (mostly I use google maps for that)

Would be nice if there is a feature, where I can say, “leave the city as fast as possible” or “leave the city in this direction”.

The reason why I’m asking for that is, that I don’t want to plan a route from my home to a point out of the city and then create a round-trip from that point.

So would be nice if I can enable a checkbox to say “leave the city” and in the next step creating a round-trip, or at least create a route (which can be safed) and added before the round-trip

Another cool feature would be to set the direction (in the App) for a round-trip like you can do on the Website, with the compass direction.

Please create separate topics to discuss different suggestions.

Compass direction in round trips is already available (via the slider).

Android does not provide a different UI (like many exist in websites),
so developers must create it from scratch.

When multiple route profiles will be available in the future,
you can use the “fastest” profile to get to any curvy route.