[FEATURE REQ.] - Show multiple routes - different colours


I am kinda miss multiple routes showing at once functionality. It doesnt need to be 20 routes at once of course, but I believe showing 3-7 routes, by different color, is possible.

I have multiple folders in “Cloud”, which are related to the geographic region. I dont remember, how they all looked. And before ride, I usually check other sources for road blocks. Then, I go to the Kurviger, where I have lets say 4 routes, which are similiar, but a bit different (I mean, it wen through the same region, but different paths).

Currently, I must load one of them, and then click to other to see differences visually on map. And the same with another one. But I can compare ONLY TWO tracks… It would be great beneficial for me, to allow choose 4 tracks, and show them by multiple color on map, so I can see, which one is better comapre to actual road blocks/repairs/closures etc.

There is possibility to show route on the map. But they are all by red colour, so in reality, showing more than two is kinda mess, as they could overlap in the same region. Also, this click is irreversible, ie. there is no option to hide that route again.

Would be this possible to think about? I really think I its not a big deal to add more colours to the Show route on map functionality and made it ON/OFF…


Thanks for the request, adding more colors is something we have on our todo list.


Great request and would indeed be very useful!!! Thanks Jirka.
This is the kind of thing you can easily do in Garmin Basecamp.