Favourites Disappeared

I originally posted this question in the long website update thread, so I am reposting here as a new thread in case it gets lost in there.

I have just opened the updated website and logged in, and all my favourites have disappeared!

Trying not to panic. Can anyone advise/help, please?

EDIT: I opened the website in Chrome, instead of Edge which I have been using for a while, and my favourites are there. So is there something I need to do to get them to appear in Edge?

EDIT 2: Sorted. It was operator-error…

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Thanks for the update. Could you let us know what you did, so others might find the solution if they face the same problem?

Well I will, but its a bit embarrassing! :roll_eyes:

When I opened the website on Edge, clicked Cloud, and clicked Favourites, there were only two empty folders in there. Premature panic ensued. I eventually noticed that in fact they were present in Your Routes, in a folder called Favourites.

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Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: