Favoriten Error on Website


The Blue Point comes from POI upload as Overlay.
Error ocours when you click on Button “Neuer Favorit”

Message: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list - URL: https://kurviger.de/ - Line: 1 - Column: 94 - Error object: {}

Thanks for sharing. It might be related to to the link. Could you share the gpx file or only that waypoint of the gpx file?

For a random overlay point I could not reproduce the error.

For testing :slight_smile:
Converted-Saved-Places_Test.gpx (12.3 KB)

The Errorcode changes slidly, after any Route was claculated.
No error when using the right Mouse funktion.

Thanks for reporting this issue. This should be resolved now, could you give this another try?

Perfect :slight_smile:
Works well, no more issue found.

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