Favorite tracks/route section

is it possible to mark favorite tracks in kurviger so that they weight more than normal streets when planing a track? I usually plan my routes by setting a destination and it would be great if kurviger would consider my favorite route sections.
Is that somehow possible?


If you place “shaping points” on your favorite road sections, than Kurviger should route there.
Do you have an example which road should be used?

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Thanks for the response. Is it possible to save the shaping points somehow?
For example I would like kurviger to use the road between Plankenfels and Gößweinstein:

You mean this road section? https://kurv.gr/PMxWB

Well, if you have an account on the website, you can save there “favorites” as POI
These POI are displayed on the map if you open the folder you have put them.
E.g. in that screenshot I named a folder “routen-abschnitte”.
You see the two small balloons?

Another possibility would be, to save POIs as a GPX file.
Such a GPX could be imported as overlay (do import only waypoints!) so you can see them on the map.
See the blue circles, which I have imported as overlay.

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A beautiful road, well known to me. Are you from this area?
I personally always mark nice sections as POI on the kurviger website, so that I can then integrate them into future tours.

I’m from Nürnberg, so not that close but reachable for a quick evening tour :slight_smile:
I will try marking sections as POI, sounds like a good solution!

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