Failure to create a route - UK - St Agnes to Wapping, London

I have had my first and only failure with Kurviger.

This morning, using an iPad, I asked Kurviger for a route from St Agnes in Cornwall (St Agnes, TR22 0PL, England, United Kingdom) to Wapping in central London (Wapping, E1W 2PY, London, England, United Kingdom)

It failed to create a route using any of the four routing options.

I then tried substituting an exact address in London (21 Wapping Lane, E1W 2PY, London, England, United Kingdom). Still no good.

I checked that I had NOT selected any of the advanced routing options, like avoiding motorways or toll roads.


PS Kurviger still remains the best route creation tools available. Thank you.

Hi Wapping,

in the future, could you please add a link to your problem and a few more details? That way we can debug this muuuuch faster.

Was this on the App or the website? What do you mean by “failed to create a route”? Was there a specific error message? Could you reproduce this and add a link (and maybe a screenshot) pls?

Ok let’s try this anyway, maybe we can find your problem :slight_smile:
Assuming I have the correct places that you mentioned, this works fine on my side:

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick reply.

My apologies, I was looking for a way to add the picture. Now done.

It was in the website.

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Alriiiiight ok it seems I had the wrong St Agnes.

So that brings us a lot closer to the problem, very nice, you found a problem in the map data! The problem seems to be this gate here in the harbor of Penzance.

Are you a local, do you know that this is passable and legal for motorcycles? Does this ferry take cars/motorcycles? Then we could change that in OpenStreetMap (it’s like Wikepedia for maps, and Kurviger uses it as a basis for the routing) and fix this error for all of us :slight_smile:

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you.

I see now that it was me that made the mistake! I selected the wrong St Agnes, which is a common name in this part of England.

My mistake completely.

When, like you did, I chose the ‘correct’ St Agnes (as you did) it all worked fine.

My mistake, not a fault with Kurviger. And a lesson not to rush things but to always check first.



Ok good to know. And you don’t by any chance know your way around the harbor of Penzance so we could fix the other St Agnes?`

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I don’t I’m afraid.

I will try to find out.


I have had a quick look.

The ferry from Penzance to St Mary’s in the Chanel Islands seems to be only for foot passengers, so Open Street Map’s inability to route a vehicle onto the ferry would be correct.

The island of St Agnes (that I stupidly chose instead of St Agnes on the mainland) has no ferry at all. So it’s not surprising that Kurviger and OSM failed to create me a route. Lesson number one: Always check the address you have chosen!

Thanks again for the very quick replies and the great Kurviger tool. Excellent!