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Fails to route down California S2 Angels Crest Highway

Trying to plan a route on California S2 Angels Crest Highway
Website won’t plan a route on the S2 between 34.349743,-117.962265 and 34.372983,-117.752924
The planner routes around the area.
I’ve check with officials- the S2 highway is open.
Please advise how to resolve.

you should provide your examples as route link, like this:

There are two swing gates near start Node: ‪6‬ (‪7418285922‬) | OpenStreetMap and destination Node: ‪10‬ (‪123267014‬) | OpenStreetMap.
Comment of destination gate says “usually closed winter to spring”.

Regards Markus

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I have just added these access tags to the swing gates. :cowboy_hat_face:
access:conditional=no @ winter

I think, in a few days Kurviger should route there.

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Now it seems to work :cowboy_hat_face:

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