Facebook Login Broken / Facebook Login funktioniert nicht

When trying to connect with the FB button on my PC, I cannot access anymore to my Kurviger account.
The message is (EN translated) : “Application inactive. This app is not more accessible at the moment and the developper is informed about this issue. You willl be able to connect when the application will be re-actived”, see attached picture

It is the only way for me to connect my Tourer+ account, I’m very disappointed :frowning:
Thanks to have a look to my problem,

Thanks for letting us know, it seems Facebook has indeed deactivated our account :frowning: - unfortunately working with Facebook is really frustrating. We were in contact with them regarding this issue and they told us no further actions was required, then they deactivated our account with providing more information.

Short-Term there is not much we can do, unless waiting for Facebook…

When you are logged in, it’s possible to add an email address to your login. In your user settings here.

When you are not logged in, you can request a password reset email with the email you used for Facebook. You should receive a password reset for this email and be able to log in with the mail in Kurviger.

I will send you an email with some more information. If anyone els is having the same issue, please lt us know.

I am very sorry if you are experiencing issues with this!


hallo, zusammen,

leider funktioniert der Account über ein Facebook-Konto immer noch nicht. Derzeit bin ich auf einem Rechner noch eingeloggt, man kann dort eine zusätzliche e-mail mit Passwort eingeben, aber sobald man auf speichern drückt, wird man wieder zur nicht funktionierenden Facebook-app geleitet.Wir hatten jetzt eine 3765 km Tour durch ganz Europa und alle unsere Etappen im Tourer-Profil gespeichert - das war nicht wirklich lustig.
Weiss jemand Rat?

Hast du denn die von mir beschriebene Lösung oben durchgeführt? So kannst du dich wieder einloggen.

Facebook ist leider eine absolute Katastrophe, wir versuchen das wieder hinzubekommen.

I have the same issue and the password reset with the FB account is not working do you have other ways. Im on my way an to Norway and can’t access my data in the cloud - kind regards

Why is the password reset not working? You need to use the email that you use or used in Facebook when you signed up.

It is not sending the email (a hotmail account). It is working with another account I have but the Tourer subscription is not working with that account

I just checked and sent you a password reset email to the hotmail email. I checked our mail logs, the emails was received by hotmail and not rejected. Please double check that the mail is not in your spam folder or something like that. It should be there.

Thx…all good and sorry for missing out on the Spam filter


So, my log-in problem still exists. as a Tourer-Profile still locked in I am not able to save the email-login information as I am directly directed user authentication in Facebook. By trying pw-reset the message appears that the e-mail does not exist (even if on this e-mail I have got the bill for the next year tourer account).
Hope someone can solve this issue.

Hallo Sandra…
ich habe Deinen Screenshot rausgenommen, da ich nicht sicher bin, ob du möchtest, dass Deine Email Adresse hier veröffentlich werden soll :wink:

@Maurice @Sandra_Wendl-Plorin - I have found your account and have prepared it for you. For some reason Facebook didn’t pass your email to our system. Please try again with your web.de email, it should work now.

BTW: We are still in discussion with Facebook, let’s see if we can work this out at some point…

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wollte gerade meine Feiertagsrunde planen, kann mich aber auf kurviger.de nicht per Facebook anmelden! Es kommt nur die Meldung:

App ist nicht aktiv
Diese App ist momentan nicht verfügbar und der App-Entwickler ist informiert. Du kannst dich wieder anmelden, sobald die App wieder verfügbar ist.

Das ist absoluter Mist für heute…

VG Bernd

Du solltest in diesem Beitrag fündig werden @Bernd_Schafer

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