Extension sorting criteria / Erweiterung Sortierkriterien

The following extension proposal:
I can currently sort routes by date, name, distance, duration and hazards.
Favourites only by date, name and category.
Would it be possible with reasonable effort to sort favourites (=waypoints) according to their geographical position?
The background to this idea is as follows. I “collect” various favourites for a planned trip from very different sources over time. When I compile the actual route and like to work with the list of favourites, I have to use one of the existing sorting criteria. The favourites sorted by date/name or category “jump” on the map. If they were sorted by position, they would be in the favourites folder from north to south (or vice versa) and could be integrated into the route more easily.
I hope it has become clear what I mean. This is certainly not a high priority wish.

You could argue that you can make the favourites visible on the map and then click on them on the map. But I prefer to work more efficiently with the table

Folgende Erweiterungsvorschlag:
Routen kann ich derzeit nach Datum, Name, Distanz, Dauer und Gefahren sortieren.
Favoriten nur nach Datum Name und Kategorie.
Wäre es mit vertretbarem Aufwand zu realisieren, Favoriten (=Wegpunkte) nach ihrer geografischen Position zu sortieren?
Hintergrund dieser Idee ist folgender. Ich “sammle” im Zeitablauf diverse Favoriten für eine geplante Reise aus ganz unterschiedlichen Quellen. Wenn ich nun die konkrete Route zusammen stelle und dabei gerne mit der Favoritenliste arbeite, muss ich eine der vorhandenen Sortierkriterien nutzen. Dabei “springen” die nach Dateum/Name oder Kategorie sortierten Favoriten auf der Karte. Wäre dies nach ihrer Position sortiert, lägen sie im Favoritenordner von Nord nach Süd (oder umgekehrt) vor und könnten einfacher in die Route integriert werden.
Ich hoffe, es ist klar geworden, was ich meine. Dies ist ganz sicher kein Wunsch mit hoher Priorität.

Man kann einwenden, dass man die Favoriten ja auf der Karte sichtbar machen kann und dann in der Karte anklickt. Ich arbeite aber lieber und effizienter mit der Tabelle


Completely agree.

I think the treatment of favorites on both the web and the app could be greatly improved in order to help us plan the route and navigate it.

Some things I think would be very interesting for all Kurviger users would be:

  • to be able to order by proximity
  • to be able to classify them by user-defined types
  • to be able to change the color and icon of favorite types
  • to be able to filter and search by name, distance, type, …
  • to be able to activate/deactivate seeing or not the name (especially during navigation) without having to click on it while driving or having to stop the bike on the side of the road and take off our gloves.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to create a better experience with Kurviger, but sure there are many more.

Greetings and thanks for the work.


Thanks a lot for the proposal. There are certainly quite a few things that we can improve here and there are already a few things planned to further improve the favorites.

Just for me to understand this better, you would like to sort the favorites from North to South? Not by proximity to your location / waypoint / route?

The way I currently work with favorites is that I mix the map and sidebar. So for example I filter in the side bar, then I use the map to find a favorite that is close to where I am planning.

Could you explain a bit more about what you mean here? Which proximity are you referring? You position, or something else? How would you use it?

In the app when you are in “bookmarks> list” I would like to be able to see them sorted according to the position where you are.

On the web as you already have the map with the favorite points and you see where you want to go maybe it is not so important.
In any case, you can sort by the last waypoint entered.

My suggestion only refers to the website, where “proximity” makes little sense in my view. It’s certainly different in the app.
I was also only thinking of the geographical latitude. The switch of sorting A-Z or Z-A could be used to sort from N to S and from S to N. (This is how it is handled in Garmin Basecamp).

Mein Vorschlag bezieht sich nur auf die Website, da macht “proximity” also Nähe zum Standort aus meiner Sicht wenig Sinn. In der app ist das sicher anders.
Ich dachte auch nur an die geografische Breite. Durch den Schalter der Sortierung A-Z bzw. Z-A könnte von N nach S und von S nach N sortiert werden. (In Garmin Basecamp wird das so gehandhabt.)

I think sorting by Latitude or Longitude would be possible. What are others thinking about this feature?

For me the ideal would be to be able to order by proximity :slightly_smiling_face:

For my off-road routes I use Land (web) and TwoNav (app), applications developed in Catalonia by CompeGps.

Look at the green pin where I am located (the location is manual) in the waypoint list sorted by proximity to the pin (can also be sorted by name, icon type, date, altitude)

At map1.jpg I am in Vic and I have a wp at 4 kms (The 5 essential peaks …)

At map2.jpg I am close to Artés and the nearest waypoint is Castells del Bages … at 5 kms

And as I put it before I would also like, if possible, the following list.

Thanks for the explanation, ok that makes sense, I can see what we can do here. Would certainly make sense to have this on the website to make it easier to work with the Favorites :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it will be possible to do it or not, if it can be done it will be perfect but if it is very difficult or it can’t be done nothing happens, users sometimes ask for things that seem easy but perhaps it’s difficult programming it.

And I also think that in the APP it would also be good to make these changes if possible.

Thanks !

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