Export track (not route!) from app (K2)

I use the tools to register the track I drive. The track is shown in red. If export the track (checkbox only for the track!) the exported file is the route. Any suggestions?

Not sure, if I understand the question correctly. If you meant something else, please let me know.

Right now you can export a track of the planned route, but it’s not possible to export a previously imported overlay.

What App Version are you talking about?
The now discontinued Kurviger 2.2.28 ?

What do you mean with “track”?
Do you mean the recorded gps-track?

In Kurviger 2.x you can export the recorded gps-track with:
“Tools | GPS-recording | save current track”

The track I drove trough Africa is marked in red on the App. I want to export the track since this is the real thing, not the planned route.

I still use the 2.2.28. I want to export the track I drove trough Africa which is marked in red in the app. The track is visible in red and must therefore be stored somewhere on the mobile phone. The export file only exports the planned route, not the real thing. I could not find any *.gpx file on the mobile phone.

That’s the result of GPS-Tracking, isn’t it?
Then you should have a km/mi amount for the recorded track on the screen - like this:

(in my case the track color is black, not red)

Click on the displayed track distance any you’ll get this:

If there is no indication for a recorded track on you display then you should add it with /Settings/GPS recording/Add GPS recording display

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You find information about the GPS logging in the Kurviger documentation. In the linked docu there you find also info how to export (save) the GPS track:


I do have the track in red on the screen. How can I export the track?

Should be quite easy:

Click on 8282.2 km and you should get this:

Click on Save current track and follow the instructions …

Details in the manual:

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gibt es schon Überlegungen was mit den ganzen Track/GPS Aufzeichnungen passieren soll, die man über die Jahre in der bisherigen App aufgezeichnet und gesammelt hat?

Ich möchte wirklich sehr ungerne diese Aufzeichnungen verlieren wenn ich auf die neue App gehe.

Falls du es noch nicht gemacht hast, wird es höchste Zeit Deine GPS-Augzeichnugen jetzt zu exportieren :cowboy_hat_face:

Erklärst du mir bitte, wie ich alle Aufzeichnungen exportieren kann?


Genau das meinte ich mit meiner Frage, denn ich habe keinen aktuellen Track. Es sind über 50 Tracks die teilweise mehrfach überlagert sind.

Worked, thank you! Looks strange when I import it, but the data is corrct once I zoomed in.