“Export Roadbook” extended by first row with Starting point?

Preparing my next roadbook I just noticed, that the “eported roadbook” of Kurviger does not contain the starting point itself: the first row contains only the first turn instruction.

So if I use this roadbook by itself or by inserting it into the Roadbook Calculating Excel to forward it to others, I have to add the starting (= meeting) point manually.

Wouldn’t it make sense, to start the “Export Roadbook” with a first row, which is the starting point (distance & time = 0), and only the second one is the first turn instruction?

Essentially the first instruction is snapped at start waypoint, could be at same location or near. Same happens with all other waypoints: via points and destination.

Thx for reply!

Planning a route on the website, I always have a first entry in the table on the left side as starting point.

Would it not be possible to take just this entry and copy it automatically as fist entry (row) into the “Export Roadbook” pop up table?