Export recorded tracks

Kurviger Pro app 1.13.17
I have had ‘GPS Logging’ on all my rides and now map is gradually filling up with all those recorded tracks.
I would like to export all those recorded tracks (in case I want to drive them again sometimes later) and then delete them to give the map a ‘cleaner look’.

How can I do that?

When press GPS logging panel, a menu appears with options:

  • Save current track
  • Clear GPS logging

You can hide the map track line in GPS logging settings.

Ich würde die Routen täglich sichern und löschen, es sei denn Du willst bewusst eine lange mehrtägige Strecke zusammenhängend speichern. Ansonsten wird das je nach Zeitraum und Anzahl der Routen eine sehr große Datei und unter umständen sieht man bei seinen Routen nicht mehr durch.

I would save and delete the routes on a daily basis, unless you deliberately want to save a long route of several days in one place. Otherwise, depending on the time period and number of routes, it will be a very large file and you may not be able to see through your routes.


Ich habe mal eine ganze Zeitlang die Tracks aufzeichnen lassen, ca 10.000 km insgesamt. So konnte ich sehen, wo ich schon gewesen bin, und wo noch nicht.
Die Sichtbarkeit der Tracks lässt sich ja in den Einstellungen abschalten.
Wenn man allerdings die Tracks speichert, löscht und sie anschließend wieder importiert, ist es nicht mehr das Gleiche!

I once had the tracks recorded for quite a while, about 10,000 km in total. So I could see where I have been and where not.
The visibility of the tracks can be switched off in the settings.
But if you save the tracks, delete them and then import them again, it’s not the same anymore!

Since you deleted them, cannot expect something different.
Then you import them as overlays, like all regular GPX files.

There is no such feature requested by users.
Do other GPS loggers offer such function?

If users need it, please create a new topic to discuss it.

Nein, das braucht man nicht, so wie ich es einschätze.

No, there’s no need, the way I see it.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I would like to use the logger as sort of an ODO ant trip meter so I can record a longer trip and parts of it separately.
I was thinking of a second GPS logger. Is this possible?

You can process the exported GPX with other tools.

How can I delete or export the recorded tracks if GPS logging panel is not active but GPS logging in navigation and follow mode is active? The only way I found is to activate the GPS logging panel in the settings. Is there an easier way?

Simply enable the GPS logging panel in the settings, so can use its various actions.

Ok, that means there is no easier way. Thanks

Yes I do this, but I would like to have the distance in the screen.