Export / Import of POI Lesezeichen

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I do have an issue with Lesezeichen. I collected some on my device and exported it. Then I sync via G- drive to another device and here the import fails due to wrong format? Import to gpx viewer does work so I guess it is about the import only? Any thoughts?

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It is difficult for anyone to check a report without the file to test it.

Bookmarks can be exported / imported in the official GPX format.
Files with .gpx extension containing wpt points.

When saving / changing the filename do not delete the .gpx file extension.
More details are also in the manual:

App: Map, POIs, Bookmarks, Address, Coordinates [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Lesezeichen.gpx (4.9 KB)
Thats the file with which I’m having the issue. It worked in the past for me as well, don’t know why not this time

If you open that file with any editor, you can see that it is not correct.

e.g. the </gpx> exists multiple times

Well but that’s the result from export out of the app

Apps use the Android forced storage access framework.
And the file writing is performed by the system, not apps.

By default SAF wants to export on new files each time.

If overwrite does not work properly on your Android / device, better to avoid it.
And use the Android defaults, i.e. save each time on new clean files.

Thanks a lot for your support. Creating a new file instead of overwriting was THE difference and now it works. Crazy that android cannont handle that…

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They introduced the forced scoped storage for user security,
but instead it causes many problems and limits apps + users.