Export IGO-format and using dedicated names for waypoints

Planning my route in kurviger.de I named my waypoints for my route.
Exporting my route in a “iGO”-format these waypoint names are exported per PLACEMARK in the tag NAME. Unfortunatelly my navigation device (running with iGO) is using the tag DESCRIPTION and NOT the tag NAME.
Is it possible to export the name as tag NAME AND DESCRIPTION ?


Have you ever thought about the possibility of using a text editor to solve the problem? With Notepad++ you can create a macro that does this with a few clicks: delete all DESCRIPTION tags and rename the NAME tags into DESCRIPTION.

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Hi zapgod_42, for myself I solved this issue via a perl script, which recreates the XML-File. But this might not be a solution for anyone affected …

For IGO, we are using RouteConverter to generate the file. Are others having the same issue?

Since we use RouteConverter, it is not possible to do an easy fix here, if there would be enough demand, I could check if there is a solution possible.