Export Garmin Shaping points

Hi Robin, Emux,
i can’t get the curved routes exported properly with the garmin Shaping Point anymore. https://kurv.gr/q6Fdf the route has 53 points, after the export it’s much less, no matter with which options i export. Did I just forget everything during the winter, or did something change ?
“Error” both on the website and in the APP (Pro)
Cheers Jens

Pb; After Reimport the GPX data into Kurviger i see less points, but in RouteConverter i see more points… ?

Hi Jens,
when I export your route, I get exactly 53 waypoints between start and end.
You can check the exported *.gpx with an editor. It is human readable.

When I reimport this, there are still 53 waypoints.
Don’t reduce the number of Waypoints to less than 53 !!! (I’ve set it to 60 here)


Hi Jens.

BTW: Do you really need so many waypoints?
Some of them are IMHO not placed ideal. (see WP5, WP6)
Waypoint6 i.e. is ~30m away from the next intersection.
I would recommend to place waypoints far away from intersections — in the middle of the road you want to ride.


Hi, Manfred,
You are of course right, a few points are botched.
I like to take a few points (Shapng Points !) more,
because I want the ingenious Curvy Algorithm,
and not the Garmin (BMW Navigator 6) crap.
I found my error:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Hampic,
if you want more points you can also use my conveter to add further route points: http://gpx.shelms.de/GPX/GpxShaping.html

I described it shortly in Converter Kurviger Routes for newer Garmin / BMW Navis (Konverter Kurviger Routen für neuere Garmin Navis) here in the forum and more detailed in help of converter.

Example: I took your route and added further points each 2km:

Regards Markus