Export from Kurviger website to Mapfactor Navigator

Hello from France !
It’s my first post here, I hope I’m in the right section.

I’m used to navigate with the Mapfactor Navigator app on my Android device, because I like the fact the maps are downloaded to the device (so no need for roaming when touring with my bike)
Actually I’m used to plan my routes with the “ITN Converter” program on my computer, and to export them to Mapfactor Navigator in the “GPS eXchange 1.0” format (files with .gpx extension)
This works with no problem, Mapfactor can read these gpx files.
I tried to do the same with Kurviger, and to export the route in a format that Mapfactor can understand.
And here I’m a little lost.
i tried several options (export to “*.gpx” or “GarminShapingPoint GPX” but I’dont know if I have to select the track, the route or (and ?) the waypoints.
And there is also the option to select a few, medium, or a lot of points ??
The best result I had was the waypoints showing on the map in the Mapfactor app, but with a message “impossible to calculate the route”.
The worst result was simply Mapfactor Navigator crashing.

Does anyone here know the solution ?

Many thanks in advance !


Hi Roland, welcome

I don’t know Mapfactor Navigator but I can tell you that what another map imports and understands depends on that App, not too much on Kurviger - and if you can even get Mapfactor to crash it seems like they’re unfortunately having some import problems :frowning:

First of all I would advise you to

  • make sure that you have an easy example, a few waypoints without any fancy extras, and with coordinates only (did you know you can “place waypoints on roads” in the “advanced options” menu?)
  • select the uppermost entry, *.gpx in the dropdown Menu
  • select “track”, uncheck the other checkboxes, and just leave the supporting points at 0.

This will result in everything being… “pretty standard”, let’s say. If Mapfactor cannot handle this then unfortunately we will have to do more trial-and-error. You could tell us which formats produce which results and we could work from there

But may I also suggest something different? Did you know that Kurviger also has offline maps? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could move to Kurviger “full-time” if you like the app?


Thanks for your fast reply !
I just tested a little route (start, 1 waypoint and Ziel) with choosing “place waypoints on road”, and it doesn’t work.
Too bad.
Maybe I will have to test some other option, will see.
I know about your app with the possibility of offline maps, but since it’s mandatory to be online when calculating the route (as far as my understanding is correct) it’s not really offline navigation for me.

Best regards, Roland

You’re right, you need to be online if you want to calculate a new route or a changed route.
The navigation itself is completely offline.



IIRC Mapfactor only supports a GPX Track follow mode? So you could try export a GPX track. Also see the Mapfactor documentation.

Good news.
I tried one more time to export routes to Mapfactor Navigator.
In Kurviger’s export windows I MUST select ONLY “Waypoints” in “Export of”
The export format has to be the uppermost entry in the route format list, *.gpx
I can even add additional waypoints (supporting points), so the chances my route is the same on Mapfactor Navigator are better (usually I add as much additional point as I have allready on my route, trying to have no more than 200 points in total)
It’s also important, before exporting the route to click on “Place waypoints on streets” in Kurviger’s advanced options.
On my handy I have the “Route Importer” app to add the routes to Mapfactor Navigator.

Regards, Roland