Export file links

Because it is not a real route link, but a link to a file.
Many users are confused by this function…

When exporting in the website you should be careful with the selected option:


Maybe a stupid question, but the 1st option would be a ‘real’ route link and the 2nd option the link to a file - am I right? But I thought this only affects when using the file export function and not the share link function. So the chosen file format has an influence on the shared link - is that correct?

(the images are not clear)

The Export actions in the app export route files in the storage.

You can use the Share menu to produce route links.

See also the documentation:

Even though I have read the FAQ I do not understand. I received a link that points to a file, but it looks like a route link. How can those different link types be created or to be clearer, how can I avoid to create a link to a file?

When exporting routes in the website, you need to select the proper action.

Just don’t click on the wrong button …

This button is “offered” on all non-kurviger formats (e. g. GPX) - some people like to have an URL instead of a file to process the data.


This was almost too easy - thanks for keeping me on my toes :+1: :grin: