Export 3rd party (online) formats (Pro)

Focus on app’s main purpose: Kurviger routing + navigation.
Export of kurviger and gpx should be done offline in the app.

Support of 3rd party devices can be handled by the website.
(it is a conflict of interest within the application)

I would like to keep GPX export (online) in the app. Reason: That export inserts additional route points placed away from turn points in an intelligent way.
Using kurviger app on android tablet / mobile phone to plan routes for use on many navigation devices ( BMW, Garmin, TomTom …) is improved a lot by that.
Exporting Kurviger file, opening it in Kurviger Web via mobile browser and exporting it as GPX is much less comfortable.

The application should not be considered a substitute for all website functions on the mobile.

Exports in app should be offline. I cannot negotiate that, it’s absurd to need internet to export a route!
I don’t know how website works and its algorithm, if it’s available I can include it in offline GPX export.

I’d like that! Especially on necessary re-assemblies of routes on the road (far away from my PC) would it be very useful. Same output as at home …

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I do not fully agree, because I need internet anyway to calculate the route with Kurviger algorithm (because that is done on server).
And that function (GPX export online) is already there -> no effort to implement…
I appreciate thinking about shrinking the app to keep it less complex, but I regret if this leads to removal of very useful features already implemented - and if a select (format of export) has 2 or 16 options does not increase complexity of user interface / does not make it more difficult to understand.

I would appreciate that, of course, but I wonder: Do you plan to implement the Kurviger routing algorithm also offline?

Development does not work like that, there is huge (my) effort to maintain everything.

App navigation only uses the kurviger format. App’s focus is not the 3rd party devices.

Thousands of users use and modify BRouter profiles with excellent results.

You can add your request with other users to @boldtrn in its related topic:

Ok, I understand - I was not aware of maintenance effort.

Concerning implementation of Kurviger routing algorithm offline there was a misunderstanding: I was wondering why you blame the need of internet connection for GPX export although connection is required for use of Kurviger routing algorithm.
So I assumed that you might have some plans … Seems I was wrong!

I tested the BRouter profiles from @SchlesiM a few weeks ago: An excellent backup solution if no internet connection is available :+1:
So I fully agree: There is no need for offline implementation of Kurviger algorithm.

But I hope you will keep the Kurviger routing service (online) in the future!

That was the tip of the iceberg!

@boldtrn agreed to the opinion to customize the GPX with Kurviger. Then you’ll ask the app too.
I respect all opinions, but I value more my development time to maintain everything thrown on app.
Website online formats should be separate from app and customized freely. App doesn’t use them.

And the best navigator is always the one that works without internet: routing, search, import / export.
That’s why HERE, OsmAnd, BRouter, GraphHopper (in the past) are considered top offline solutions.

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what does it mean for .kurviger files? Or planning with the app? is then the kurviger algorithm executed offline?

Export of 3rd party (online) formats remains in Kurviger Pro.

Optimizing app Navigation.
Location: https://www.google.be/maps/@51.0619821,3.9481516,3a,75y,281.57h,93.01t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sOp-a23YSaw3qp5_ftyZrXA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

1.Kurviger router design.

Successive turns, when the next one is within 40m distance.
Announce also the second turn into the first turn instruction

  • Before First turn: “Turn Right than Left”. (70m)
  • First Turn passed: “Left” (Compact as the maneuvre occurs fast!)

When the distance prealerts are set at these positions there is a double turn command, but not at the final most important standard last turn command.

Simulate Navigate by next Kurviger router designed file.
rechts_links by Kurviger.kurviger (800 Bytes)