I used the kurviger website to plot the routes (Dolomites) and used the android app (Beta version) on a phone to navigate on the motorcycle. My Garmin friends were just jealous of how easy kurviger works. What did bother me is that after 1.5 hours I had to restart the app. And because my Garmin friends often took wrong turns and drove on enthusiastically, it keeps pointing back, I think to the last waypoint. Would be nice, but maybe I couldn’t find it if you can simply delete the waypoint. But for the rest, just top and very nice to use. Keep it up !!!

You should be able to touch the waypoint or shaping point and a square target should form around it. In the upper, right-hand corner a trash can will appear. You can then delete it.

During the navigation, you can use the (…) and then skip the next waypoint. If you use shaping points, these will be automatically skipped, when you get back on the route.