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Example for weird "stay on fast road" behaviour

As previously discussed in other threads, the Kurviger algorithm sometimes leaves roads which are perfectly fine and curvy, just to go on a “turn off the main road, then turn back on it” adventure :smiley:
@boldtrn tagging you as agreed, example I found:

Not leaving the main road both near the start in Geilo and near the end outside of the city would be appropriate behaviour even for the “curvy” algorithm in my opinion. But even the “fastest” setting leaves it both times

Does anybody see some weirdness in the OSM data? I did not see a block or speed limit or anything that would explain this

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Near the start is a speed limit of 40km/h
And the route near the end is a “shortcut” (=40m shorter) :rofl:
I love norway :wink:

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Hahaha ok uhm that’s like… 200m or less, if the algorithm thinks that makes up for turning off the road, going through a housing neighbourhood and coming back on the road then it’s probably wrong :sweat_smile:

Probably the “Fastest” route should be really fastest (like GraphHopper).

And not take into account any active avoid options that are opposite to it.

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In this case, there are no avoidance options, the fastest route still wants to go through the town. There is a tweak to the algorithm required here

I mean in general, there are several recent comments about the “fastest” route.

And it could be easier to do the above than separate options per road segment.

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Thanks for sharing this example @Patrick, I will add this to my collection when working on the fastest route improvement :+1:


New example :slight_smile:

becomes even funnier when you select “all curvy roads”, then they all want to go around, and you need two shaping points to get Kurviger to behave :rofl: (even though I would argue “fast and curvy” should stay on the main road here, just like “fastest”)


Thanks again Patrick :slight_smile: