Error with 3rd party routes

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to download routes from the book Sardinien from Biker und Betten Verlag.
Unfortunately, Kurviger displays the routes completely out of order.
With GPS Werk everything is ok with the representation.
I would be grateful for all

What kind of routes, GPX files?
GPX files require a new calculation to generate the routes.

Can you post examples?

There is information about route transfer in the documentation:

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When importing a GPX-file from somewhere, I would always try to import the the track as overlay additionally to the route. Than you can easily add a few extra waypoints to match the original track if necessary.
And use as few avoidances as reasonable.

See also:
Importing a GPX Track into Kurviger [Kurviger Knowledgebase]


Here is a .gpx file from -
5a85dc52b32a0279675289.gpx (351,3 KB)
I take such .gpx files and reduce them to the track data (delete routes and waypoints - with RouteConverter). Then imported into with enough waypoints already gives a reasonable route guidance. This in a few minutes by moving and inserting waypoints then exactly align to the track and the result is perfect:


Thank you very much for the answers but then it is actually not a personal error in the settings but an error in the file.
I wrote to the publisher and they said that everything was ok and that it should work. Opening the file with the publisher’s own “GPS-Werk” also works perfectly.
Thanks again

(as requested above)

Please post a sample GPX file for forum members to check and understand.

GPX files must follow the official GPX schema to be considered valid.
e.g. Garmin adds custom extensions that only they can read.

The gpx file technically complies with the gpx 1.1 standard.
However, the composition of this file is very surprisingly weird.
In this form not usable for a direct import into the current Kurviger app.

This gpx file contains 2 tracks as well as multiple (2 bundles) km tickmarks waypoints
Track 1 has the misleading name “route” and although it has the characteristics of a route in terms of point density, it is definitely a track.
Track 2 then has the name “track”, and this is exactly what you expect from a track.

The waypoints.
There are apparently 2 sets of extra added distance km tickmarks as (wpt) waypoints.
This is all put together in one big waypoints jar, and so you can’t do much with it.
The one set belongs to the so called “route”, and the sense of applying it like this escapes me completely. I think it is completely useless.
The other set belongs to the so correctly called “track”.
These distance km tickmark waypoints represent the distances to be driven.

Kurviger actual gpx import.
You can import the tracks as an overlay but you have without an external operation no possibility to calculate with it.

Possibility 1.
You could eventually use the distance waypoints as planner points but then you have to divide and select the correct waypoints set and bundle with an external program.
The distance waypoints belonging to the track are then indeed usable. They do exceed the maximum number of 200, but Kurviger will limit this itself.

Possibility 2.
The Kurviger app could also offer you to either calculate with track 1 called “route” or with track 2 called “track”.
The Kurviger1_Pro app however does not offer this option.
So here you also have to edit that gpx file with an external program.

Wouldn’t it be eventually be useful if Kurviger would offer you the choice when an imported gpx file contains indeed different tracks ? Yes.

File 1.
The original track externally is converted to a usable gpx file for Kurviger import.
5a85dc52b32a0279675289 wpt_rte_trk.gpx (291.5 KB)

  • (wpt) waypoints with distance km tickmarks.
  • (rte) route. Just is a gpx route.
  • (trk) track: Nice be used as overlay template.

In the previous example, the multiple track import is an oddity, but mutliple tracks offer can also be usefully used.

Find such an example with a gpx file where you so can choose from 3 different track sections at imports. This is a cycling track example, so clearly is so more suited to the Cruiser app department :wink: However I think the purpose of this gpx file is clear and can therefore be useful for Kurviger app imports too.

File 2.
A gpx example file with the 3 alternative track (bicycle) routes in it.
Ediger_Eller to Cochem navtrack A_B_C_color_opacity_width.gpx (90.5 KB)

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The GPS work route planner: Tourenplaner | GPSwerk - Einfach Touren planen

  • If you import the original file into the gpswerk route planner and then export, you will get the following gpx file.
    GPS Werk export.gpx (615.2 KB)
  • This exported file contains a gpx route and a track. And this file can then be imported into Kurviger and work with it as usual.
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