Error in routing onto a Schnellstrasse at Schwarzwald

Dear all,

I found a small issue with the routing when entering the Schnellstrasse B34 in Lauchringen (Schwarzwald). Kurviger directed me to the wrong entry ans ask to turn sharp left on the entry lane… o_O

I tried myself and had taken a look at the source data in openstreetmap, but no, sorry, my skills are too limited.
It seems that kurviger somehow interpret the existing data somehow different than the routing of openstreetmap itself, since the routing error does not appear in their routing.

Here are the links to both different routings:



Hope this links are working and helpful for someone more skilled to debug and resolve this issue.

Please let me know, if more information is needed or if I can do anything there.

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work,

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Wenn die Route auf schnell & kurvig umgestellt wird, dann ist der Verlauf ok

Im OSM habe ich einfach mal bei der Auffahrtsstrasse “links abbiegen verboten” gesetzt. Das sollte an für sich die Problemlösung sein.
Falls jemand anderes “die Lösung” hat … gern Info … :wink: Lerne auch immer wieder gern dazu :yum:

Thanks for letting us know. The road data at this point is really odd.

Yes, that should indeed fix the problem. I slightly changed the data you entered in OSM and solved it with two turn restrictions instead of one, that should make the data simpler :slight_smile:.

The routing should work as expected in 24-48 hours.

Thanks both for the quick response and solution (this is why I like those community driven apps).

I try to remember next time I will be there and test again (however I drove only exactly this route because of a detour due to road close).


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