Endgerät (Handy,Tablet, ...?)

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mit welchem Gerät navigiert ihr? Ich habe aktuell ein FodSports M5S Pro. Dieses habe ich zum testen gekauft, ob mir Kurviger Pro gefällt. Da ich zu 99% zufrieden bin, sollte nun etwas besseres her.


See also the discussion here:

Vielen Dank für den Link :+1:t2:

Android 4.x is really old with modern issues and will stop being supported in the future.

MT-5002 has Android 6! In sum with customs 125€!
I like it :slight_smile:

did somebody already try the Elebest A6 Hardware
Elebest Moto Hardware
Looks good, if it worked w/ kurviger (they reference it) it would be perfect!
From their web site, its unclear if they talk about routes created by kurviger and then imported to the device by kml, or if kurviger is directly running on the device under their Android 6 implementation.
Comments from the kurviger team are most welcome! do you guys have any cooperation w/ Elebest. I suggested this to them last year!
Edited: Although they claim a German product, it looks pretty much like the MT5002 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@ Sirnicha: Do you run kurvige as App on the device?? Is it OK ???

i had (still have) the Karadar MT5001 and would not buy it again. Display not really readable, using with gloves (as adverised) not really possible. I pushed it to much and broke the display…(reorderd for 8 $ and repaired myself). Cannot speak for the MT5002! The holder is quite good.
I replaced the MT5001 with a Blackview 9600 as my normal phone had 5 years and was getting to slow. I would buy the Blackview again, you can really see the display (only direct sunlight will blacken the display) and navigation is fluent. As a holder I have something like this https://www.ebay.de/itm/Kewig-Motorrad-Lenker-Spiegel-StaNder-Halterung-mit-USB-LadegeraT-Lenker-Lad-k1u-/313104820871?hash=item48e6806a87

We do not have direct cooperation with anyone.

Jens Kuck hat ein neues Video zum Thema https://youtu.be/kWZMsK4874A
Das genannte Garmin zūmo XT hat IPX7, ist also nur bedingt wasserdicht.

Jens Kuck has a new video about https://youtu.be/kWZMsK4874A
The aforementioned Garmin zūmo XT has IPX7, so it is only partially waterproof.

I just bought the “FodSports M5S Pro” with ANDROID 6.0. I am very happy w/ the device, works perfectly w/ GOOGLE in general and Kurviger in particular.