Enable / Disable Map Layers

Goodaye from Sydney, I note the change to the Website to the way a User selects a Map Layer.

I am wondering if there has been thought to allow certain layers to be disabled / enabled. Down Under in Australia there are only about 4 layers that I use and I’d like to minimise to that small selection.

Keep on Rockin’

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G’day mate - I miss Sydney, we used to live there some time ago and it’s still my favourite city :heart_eyes_cat:.

This would be interesting feature, right now this is not planned. If there is enough interest we can put this on our todo list.

Would anyone else like to use this feature?

Excellent. Yeah Sydney is pretty good but the Blue Mountains 40k west are fantastic.

I don’t understand the picture at all, why does it look different? For me the map icon is on the top right,

and after clicking on it the maps will be displayed there too:

and not in the left window. Is there another internet in down under?

It has only changed in the last 3 days. It was like yours. Had me searching for a few minutes


You should see a blue info with new version available :slight_smile:. When you click on it, it will load the latest version.

And in the new version everything i can choose or klick to change is on the Left side on Top.
For me a optimization.

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Ahhhh, now I’ve seen it and now the new version is here! Thanks for the hint.

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